Leadership Secrets of the Australian Army

Chapter 1 introduces the book's major themes and core points, including why these 'secrets' are 'secret'. And, right up front, it acknowledges that not everything about Australian military leadership is perfect - but that, notwithstanding, its core practices are worth careful consideration.

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The book, published by Allen and Unwin, was written with four main audiences in mind:

·     enterprising managers in organisations of all types who want to improve their team leadership skills and organisational processes,

·     performance-oriented military professionals who want deeper levels of understanding that will help them lift their already-impressive standards to even higher levels,

·     ex-military professionals who want to improve their insights into the distinctive 'soft' capabilities that they can bring to civilian employment, and

·     citizens who seek fresh perspectives in the face of the apparent leadership deficiencies in so many of our public and private institutions.

Leadership Secrets of the Australian Army