Leadership Secrets of the Australian Army

Professional philosophy:

'There's nothing as practical as a good theory'

I describe myself as a soldier, a scholar and a management consultant, since much of my professional practice has encompassed all three roles.

I served in the Australian Regular Army from 1961-86, retaining my association with the military thereafter as a consultant and a reservist (Brigadier). I have consulted to a wide variety of public, private and military organisations in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region, including the Australian Tax Office, the Australian Customs Service, Australia Post, Defence, ASIO, Victoria Police, the US Navy, the US Army, NAB, the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation, Schlumberger Wireline & Testing, and the Australian Emergency Services.  

I hold a Bachelor of Technology (Adelaide), a Master of Arts (Manpower Studies: London), and a PhD (Organisational Behaviour: UNSW). I am on the editorial board of Armed Forces & Society, the world's leading military sociology journal, and am a Visiting Fellow at the School of Business at UNSW Canberra.

As residents of Marysville, my wife Judy and I were deeply engaged in community leadership after the Black Saturday bushfires in February 2009, for which I was later awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia.

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Nicholas Jans, PhD, OAM, Brigadier (Rtd)