Leadership Secrets of the Australian Army

At a time when leadership standards in many parts of national life seem sadly wanting, valuable lessons from a respected institution are going begging. And if these seem somewhat 'secret', it's not because the military wants it that way. Rather it's because, having quietly developed a strong leadership culture decades ago, it then pragmatically got on with doing and refining 'what works', with little thought for its broader applications.

Australian military leaders derive inherent authority from their professionalism and their focus on organisational and team needs rather than by 'control' and 'discipline'. The distinctively Australian ethos that guides leaders at all levels is loosely aligned with what is known as servant leadership, but with practices that take this concept to a higher and more powerful level.

Peppered with case studies from all three armed services, this book focuses on the operational/task level, with particular attention to the model it calls the '3Rs of leadership'.

This book may well help you gain an edge that your competitors will find difficult to match.

writes in the foreword to this book that:

'It's all about legacy.  That is the gift we all get to give.  It can be big, sometimes touching nations and huge corporate entities if that is the station in life we attain, or it can be small but vital, touching families and friends if we live a life more private.  But big or small, legacy is delivered through leadership and belief.  And that is the focus of this book.'

Lieutenant General David Morrison AO, former Chief of Army and 2016 Australian of the Year

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